Thursday, February 23, 2017

Microsoft Power BI eBooks

Somehow I got involved in Microsoft Power BI. So I needed to do some quick catching up and as such I searched the internet for more information about that same topic.

And this is what I found (legal sources that is):

Free ebooks:

  1. Introducing Microsoft Power BI
  2. Power BI From Rookie to Rockstar

Microsoft Virtual Academy:!q=power%20bi&index=2&lang=1033

So these sources are a great way to get started right away. Enjoy!

SCOM 2016: UR#2 Is Out!

Yesterday Microsoft (finally?) released UR#2 for SCOM 2016. KB3209591 tells all about it, what fixes it contains. Some of those fixes address issues which are for quite some time already in SCOM, even back to 2007x, like Groups disappearing when added to a Distributed Application.

UR#2 for SCOM 2016 touches ALL SCOM 2016 components, as you can see in the Microsoft Update Catalog.

UR#2 is applied in the same manner as the ones before. I expect Kevin Holman to post an article about it soon Smile.

Monday, February 13, 2017

System Center 2016 Update Rollup #2: Second Partial Release

As stated before, UR#2 for System Center 2016 is partially released. For about 10 days now this UR has come available for SCDPM as well:

Release of UR#2 for SCOM 2016 is to be expected somewhere this month. Will update my blog accordingly.

Friday, February 3, 2017

Savision Webinar: ‘Passport To SCOM 2016’

On Tuesday, February 21st - 10 AM EST (US) | 4 PM CET (EU) Savision will host a webinar, all about SCOM 2016.

These topics will be addressed:

  • The differences between SCOM 2012 R2 vs SCOM 2016
  • Management Packs
  • Demos
  • Customer feedback
  • The roadmap of SCOM 2016, and more!

The line up of presenters is pretty impressive:

  1. Mahesh Narayanan, Microsoft Product Manager for SCOM;
  2. Damian Flynn, Principal Consultant at Lumagate and Microsoft MVP.

And YES, I am presenting as well which makes me feel humble since I highly respect Mahesh and Damian. So it’s good to be part of it all. I’ll talk about the feedback I get out of the field, and how I look at it.

Because this webinar will address many questions concerning SCOM 2016 I highly advise to attend this webinar.

Go here to subscribe to this webinar.

MVP Program Makeover

Wow! Already for some time there were rumors about the MVP Program getting a big makeover. But until a few days ago, it was only a rumor.

Until the 1st of February that is! On that day I received an e-mail from the MVP Global Administrator informing me about the revamped MVP Program. And yes, the changes are HUGE.

The biggest changes in a nutshell:

  1. No more new MVP (aka MVP Recognitions) on a quarterly basis, but on a MONTHLY basis instead;
  2. No more MVP renewal on a quarterly basis, but ONCE per year on July;
  3. MVP Summit is moved to the first quarter of every year instead of the last quarter;
  4. This year NO MVP Summit, first MVP Summit is planned for March 4th – 7th 2018;
  5. More learning possibilities for the MVPs, like (but not limited to)  free access to a Xamarin University subscription, complete with over 80 live instructor-led and self-guided courses. 

Since the current (or better, OLD) MVP Program has to be folded into the new format, 2017 will be the year of this transition.

As such all MVPs who got recognized OR renewed in Janaury (like me) may be re-awarded in July 2018. Basically meaning that my current MVP renewal has a validity of 18 months(!), instead of the old usual 12 months.

For me this is great since it gives me much more time to work hard in order to make the best of my MVP Award and do my utmost best to be renewed in july 2018!

Main reason for this renewal is that Microsoft want the MVP Program to be more agile by being able to to recognize the very best community leaders as fast as possible. This means YOU!

So whenever you wished to become a MVP, this is the time to step up!

Another reason of the makeover of the MVP Program is the enhancement of learning opportunities for the MVPs. And here Microsoft truly delivers. Awesome!

Want to know more about this MVP Program Makeover? About how to become a MVP yourself? Read this article on Guggs blog (Steve “Guggs” Guggenheimer is Microsoft’s Corporate Vice President of Developer Platform & Evangelism and Chief Evangelist).

It also has a video in which he talks about the most significant changes and the WHY behind it all.

IMHO this is a great change making the MVP program more agile AND accessible to many people. Awesome!

Monday, January 30, 2017

UR#12 SCOM 2012 R2 Is Available

Just checked the Microsoft Update Catalog in order to see whether UR#12 for SCOM 2012 R2 is available. And the answer is Yes:

KB3209604 tells more on CU#12 for System Center 2012 R2 as a whole and refers to  KB3209587 for more detailed information about UR#12 for SCOM 2012 R2 specifically.

Taken directly from this KB article, this is what UR#12 for SCOM 2012 R2 fixes:

  • When you try to upgrade System Center 2012 R2 Operations Manager Reporting Server to System Center 2016 Operations Manager reporting server, the upgrade fails for the following configuration:
    • Server A is configured as System Center 2012 R2 Operations Manager including Management Server.
    • Server B is configured as System Center 2012 R2 Operations Manager, including Operations Manager Database (OpsMgrDB), Operations Manager Data Warehouse (OpsMgrDW) and Operations Manager Reporting Server.

    ( X ) Management Server Upgraded Check

    The management server to which this component reports has not been upgraded.

  • Recovery tasks on "Computer Not Reachable" messages in the System Center Operations Manager Monitor generate failed logons for System Center Operations Manager Agents that are not part of the same domain as the Management Groups.
  • When a Management Server is removed from the All Management Servers Resource Pool, the monitoring host process do not update the Type Space Cache.
  • SHA1 is deprecated for the System Center 2012 R2 Operations Manager Agent and SHA2 is now supported.
  • Because of incorrect computations of configuration and overrides, some managed entities go into an unmonitored state. This behavior is accompanied by event 1215 errors that are logged in the Operations Manager log.
  • IntelliTrace Profiling workflows fail on certain Windows operating system versions. The workflow cannot resolve Shell32 interface issues correctly.
  • There is a character limitation of 50 characters on the custom fields in the notification subscription criteria. This update increases the size of the limitation to 255 characters.
  • You cannot add Windows Client computers for Operational Insights (OMS) monitoring. This update fixes the OMS Managed Computers wizard in the System Center Operations Manager Administration pane to let you search or add Windows Client computers.
  • When you use the Unix Process Monitoring Template wizard to add a new template to the monitor processes on UNIX servers, the monitored data is not inserted into the database. This issue occurs until the Monitoring Host is restarted.

You can download UR#12 for SCOM 2012 R2 from here.

Please TEST this UR#12 FIRST before rolling it out in production environments! Test yourself before your wreck yourself!

Thursday, January 26, 2017

OMS Fun: Monitor Minecraft Server With OMS

Former MVP Anders Bengtsson has written an excellent posting about the power of OMS and how one can use it to monitor all kinds of workloads, even a Minecraft Server!
Image result for minecraft server

Want to know more? Go here.

All credits go to Anders Bengtsson of course.